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"From our first conversation I found Kate really approachable and easy to talk to. As a family we had been through a very difficult time, and I don’t think me or the children realised just how much we had been affected by events. My daughter in particular was struggling to understand and control her emotions. Following weekly sessions with Kate, her confidence, self-esteem and behaviour has improved tenfold. She is definitely a happier soul and is always asking “how many days until Kate day?”
I am very grateful to Kate for creating a gentle, supportive, safe space that is just for my daughter.
I can’t recommend her highly enough!"

"Our son really enjoys his time with Kate. He always feels happy and relaxed, and benefits from the one to one time.
Kate goes to great effort to tailor the sessions to my son’s interests or current fascinations, whether it’s making planets or writing and illustrating a book together. This engages him and the time is spent working as a team, which encourages his trust.
They have lots of fun, and he always looks forward to his time with Kate."


"Trusting, helpful, understanding, amazing are just a few words to describe Kate and her work. Two years ago Kate started working with my daughter and through Kate's ability, her artwork, her understanding and determination to help, my daughter has grown from a worried, upset, confused little girl to an 11-year-old full of confidence and strength. She now understands, likes and believes in herself.
I can never thank Kate enough for her brilliant work with for my daughter."

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